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Rent your holiday vehicle in Tsilvi, Zakynthos

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Terms of Service


IslandDrive's costumers can pay through online booking or in cash on your arrival.

Conditions of Rental

  • Driver's age must be at least 18 years old and he/she must have the driving experience of 12 months.
  • Losing or Damaging any helmet , baby seat , baby booster , tier or key must be paid by the renter.
  • Minimum Rental Period : 1 Day
  • Taxes : All fees are subject to 24% VAT
  • Fuel : Paid by the renter
  • Fines : All fines are charged to the renter
  • Maximum authorized speed 50km

Conditions of Use

The renter is expected to look after the vehicles mechanical condition , oil , water , tires , etc. Any repair of the vehicle by the renter himself or any other party is not allowed. Vehicle must not be used:

  1. to carry persons or property for hire
  2. to tow any vehicle , trailer or other object
  3. in race , test or contest a following Rally
  4. for subleasing by the renter to any other party
  5. while renter or any other authorized driver is under influence of alcohol , medication , drug , barbiturates , etc.
  6. in contravention of any customs , traffic or other regulations
  7. by any other person not authorized by IslandDrive
  8. to transfer or carry heavy luggage , inflammable materials , bad smelling goods narcotics , etc.

IslandDrive's Insurance

Third Party Insurance: All authorized drivers of our vehicles are covered against liability to third parties for all the injury and damage that are caused.

Personal Insurance: IslandDrive Rentals has managed to incure not only the drivers but also the passengers in case of an accident.

Theft Protection: Theft Protection covers the damage that illegally has happened on the vehicles.

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